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This is a community for the jrock podcast, Wild Seven. It is made for the listeners in order for them to keep up and basically, just have a lot of fun.

.W-I-L-D . S-E-V-E-N.

Niimura Megumi is the creator and DJ/host of the Wild Seven podcasts. She enjoys listening to jrock, and the prospect of exposing people to new artists and songs. Working for the listeners is her priority.


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:D [December 2nd]
Hey everyone~

New podcast is officially up, though a bit late ^^;


Please listen and comment!

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Oi, Minna! [November 24th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Megumi desu~

I am glad to inform you that my latest podcast has been uploaded and is ready for you guys to give it a listen. So head on over to Wild Seven's podcast site now!

http://niimura_megumi.podomatic.com/ (Just in case any of you forgot. x3)

Please leave some comments and tell your friends about us!

Do it for the sea monkeys! (If you don't understand this reference, go to the latest podcast and you will be informed. :D)

Until next post,

I love all of you~



Announcement: [November 18th]
[ mood | working ]

This is your host speaking.

I regret to say that, due to some technical difficulties, the show for Thurday was canceled. It's quite a depressing story, really. ;-;

But, I will be definitely making a brand new awesome show next week during the Thanksgiving Holidays. I hope that I didn't dissapoint any of you too badly, and I really am very sorry. :/

So if you want to get in any last minute requests or ideas, this would be the time!

Well, until next week~


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Oi Minna-san! [November 14th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi everyone, this is Megumi speaking once again. ^_^

I come to you with some questions...

First and foremost, when do you think I should do the shows? Once or twice a week? And on which days?

I was thinking for this week, I would at least have the next show up by Thursday night. Does that sound like a good day for every week, or should I change it?

Secondly, I was wondering if my explaination of new bands was something that all of you liked. Maybe I should tell you more or less? Should I tell you where to download and/or buy their music?

And lastly, what I'd really like to do would be a listener imput topic for each week or so. That way, we could discuss it here and then I would air some of the points that you guys made on the podcast. It can be either funny or serious. ^^

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you give me your thoughts on these matters.

Ja ne!


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This is Megumi speaking~ [November 11th]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi everybody!

As you've all figured out by now, Wild Seven has its very own Livejournal community. *throws confetti*

As the first order of business, I would like to appoint another moderator to the community to help me manage it. If you are interested, please comment to this post and contact me.

My AIM is munkimpo, and my MSN is little_red_destiney1234@earthlink.net.

I hope to get things up and running for this thing really soon. ^^

Also, a new show is up! It's episode number two of Wild Seven, so everyone should check it out.

That's about all for this post. Oh, one more thing, how do you like the layout??

Over & out,


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